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The harm of baseless protests

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Business News By Lee Dougherty

Bid protests. Some contractors swear by their value, while others think that they are a waste of time. Some contracting officers view protests as a personal attack on their integrity, others just see them as part of the landscape. What few can argue though is that the informal nature and ease at which protests can be filed can result in filings with little legal merit, which in turn delay the whole procurement process.

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How to reduce the growing number of bid protests

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Business News

Bid protests in the defense industry have proliferated largely as a result of the way government does business, according to two BDO USA LLP executives, Defense One reports.

Bid protests have become a means of allowing contractors to stay in business longer in an environment of uncertainty, William Keating and Peter McDonald, both members of the government contracting practice at BDO USA write. Bid protests have increased by almost 50 percent since 2008. Agencies should ramp up their efforts to…

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